∙ The Lack of Self Perseverance 

This project was carried out through a Project-orientaded semester in my first year of Photography school, where the theme was, specifically, ADDICTION. Immediately I had a strong conviction that I wanted to avoid the directness of portraying it in a literal way. I started to write a story in my head about a persona that has been eaten up by addiction - it does not matter what kind of addiction, I didn't think it would be relevant for the objective I had in mind - and the environment that character exists in. The visual scenario had to bring up the idea of someone who wasn't very much focused on caring, nor giving away a variety of emotions, so that I could write a straight line of sadness and discomfort in the narrative I was aiming to create. Studying a bit about what other artists and writers have written or said about addiction, I understood that in a panoramic understanding we all saw it as some kind of complex, multi-layered, profound disregard for ones balance, hence The Lack of Self Perseverance is born after months of thinking and processing it.

∙ About a place, within a memory

For some time I've been dwelling around the thoughts that brought me to my early childhood memories. I live in the same house, in the same small country-like town since I can remember. When I was younger, my father used to take me to the forest, for us to run or to ride our bikes. I have the happiest. colorful, warmest memories about those feelings of adventure and freedom. Since the years have past, memory started to slip on me like a walk you're going on and suddenly all you can see has narrowed down to a few glimpses of what is and most of what you see hide behind dead angles. So in an attempt of trying to revive what was being left behind, I went on a journey to explore those same places I enjoyed so much with my father when I was younger. But this time, I didn't try to portrait what it was like then. Instead, I re-experienced them through the lens of what I perceive and understand now. Country-like as it is, the mist and the sense of uncertainty and discomfort is very present on the atmosphere and, these days, even though I can still remember the warm experiences I had, all that is left is this sense of adventure that doesn't fit the warm colors as before. There's a sense of danger, of uneasiness, of cautiousness and alert that contradict the freedom from the naiveness of before. Not only the freedom, but also the wings of protection that I felt over me. 

∙everything is a forever working progress, and this is no exception - what is written and exposed here today, might not be the same over time ∙